During health literacy month, the UAMS Center for Health Literacy is urging those who communicate health information to take a pledge to stop using jargon that is hard to understand and instead use words that people know the first time they hear or read them.

To take the pledge, health care professionals, health professions students, and other health communicators can write a health-related word that they pledge to stop using, place it in a word buster, take a selfie with it, and then share it to social media. Share the fun and invite your colleagues to join in. This can be a fun way to engage staff using a fully remote activity.

Collage of people taking the #PlainPledge by holding up word busters with a word they pledge not to use.

(All pictures were taken during previous years of the #PlainPledge campaign, before COVID-19 mask requirements.)

To lead your organization in promoting the importance of #PlainPledge with your coworkers, all you have to do is:

    1. Download and print out word busters for your team. No printer? No problem. You can create your own. All you need is a piece of paper and a marker.
    2. Choose a health-related word that you pledge to stop using.
    3. Write the word on the word buster. Make sure it is nice and big.
    4. Take a selfie (or a group picture with your coworkers) holding the word buster.
    5. Post the selfie on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram:
      1. Use hashtag #PlainPledge
      2. Tag the UAMS Center for Health Literacy on Facebook (@uamscenterforhealthliteracy), Twitter (@uams_chl), and Instagram (@uams_chl)
      3. Tag other colleagues and organizations to encourage them to join in the fun.