Who are our lead researchers?

Photo: Kristie Hadden, PhD

Kristie Hadden, PhD, is not only the executive director of CHL, but she’s our lead researcher. Her vision and passion for health literacy research inspires us all:

“Our research is diverse and covers a broad range of medical disciplines.  We are building evidence toward addressing health literacy across all of healthcare and public health.”                                           – Kristie Hadden, PhD

Dr. Hadden is the principal investigator on a four-year diabetes educational study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This study aims to determine the best way to deliver diabetes education and coaching to patients in rural areas so that patients at primary care clinics can be healthier and have fewer health problems resulting from diabetes. We are testing two different ways to help patients through counseling, coaching, and written materials.

Stoplight with "hard" in the red light, "could be better" in the yellow light, and "easy" in the green light.

To read about this research, click here.

Our researchers have also developed the stoplight method for getting feedback during focus group testing of written materials. This method has been well received across the globe. To learn more about the stoplight method, click on the stoplight icon.

Photo: Jen GanJennifer Gan, MBA, has been engaged in clinical research, federal grants management, and educational programs for over 15 years. She has served as the research program manager on the NIH diabetes educational study and is actively engaged in writing grants, establishing research collaborations, and managing research projects at CHL. As a member of the UAMS Digital Health Working Group, she is working with a team to provide clinicians and researchers guidance in the development and use of digital health technologies, such as mobile apps, wearable biomonitors, and predictive analytics.

Who are our affiliate faculty?

We also have an extensive network of affiliate faculty both from within UAMS and around the country. These affiliate faculty are experts in many diverse healthcare disciplines – from orthopaedic surgeons and palliative care doctors to public health researchers and experts on health disparities.

CHL Affiliate Faculty receive a two-year, secondary appointment within CHL, and participate in collaborative research and research funding proposals. Since the Affiliate Faculty program began, faculty have produced nearly 20 publications focusing, in part, on health literacy.

For information about joining our affiliate faculty please contact Dr. Hadden.