Community and Patient Engagement Resources

What community and patient engagement resources are available?
We have developed several resources that are designed to help patients improve health literacy skills. These include:

*Spanish adaptation available.

How did UAMS CHL create these resources?
Just like with any new material we develop, the process to create these included:

  • Collaboration with subject matter experts to identify key messages and prioritize content.
  • Content drafting, user-centered design, and editing with the combined expertise of our staff.
  • Testing materials with patients or consumers.

Why should my organization use these resources?
Using these tools can help engage your patients and program participants in their own health by giving them needed communication skills. Using these tools can:

  • Improve the quality of health care
  • Improve patient satisfaction, adherence to treatment, and health outcomes
  • Help meet metrics related to quality improvement programs

How can I get these resources?
These can be purchased and co-branded by any interested groups, including:

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance companies
  • Public health organizations
  • Libraries
  • Schools

If you would like more information on a licensing agreement to use these in your organization, please contact us by emailing or calling 501-686-2595.