Spanish Health Literacy Services

What UAMS CHL health literacy services are available in Spanish?
Our Spanish language services address the needs of the growing Spanish-speaking population in the U.S. To promote the use of best practices in written and spoken communication directed to Spanish speakers in their native language, we offer health literacy services in Spanish. These services are available to all who strive to improve their health communications with Spanish speakers.

Our Spanish services include:

How does UAMS CHL manage Spanish health literacy services?
Our team of bilingual cultural experts works with each client to help the Spanish-speaking community gain access to quality health materials that are accurate and easy to understand and use. We have bilingual staff from diverse backgrounds who are trained in plain language and health literacy best practices to ensure that Spanish materials are not only accurately translated but culturally appropriate and meaningful for their readers.

Why choose UAMS CHL for Spanish health literacy services?
Our dedicated bilingual, native Spanish-speaking experts use validated tools and plain language best practices to assess and edit Spanish materials. We also maintain a database of Spanish speakers to engage in field testing sessions that are designed to focus on cultural relevance of each material being reviewed.

Who do I call to discuss my project?
To discuss your Spanish language needs and get a custom quote, email us or call 501-686-2595.

Customer Testimonial
“It is imperative for our Spanish-speaking community to have access to quality health materials that are accurate. We are fortunate to have the Spanish language health education materials that were developed by the UAMS Center for Health Literacy, and to use these materials often at our health window at the Consulate of Mexico. We know our community is getting health information they can use.”
Sue Espinoza
Health Outreach Coordinator
State Human Development Corporation