New Materials Development

What kinds of materials does UAMS CHL develop?
Our experts can help you develop a wide range of custom patient tools and health materials (such as health education resources, new forms, and website content) in both English and Spanish.  In addition, we have developed a number of community and patient engagement resources that are available for purchase.

To promote optimal understanding and use of health content among patients and consumers, our development process incorporates:

  • Health behavior theory
  • User-centered design principles
  • Health literacy and plain language best practices, including a target level of difficulty being easy (about 6th grade)

How does UAMS CHL create new health materials?

To create new materials, we follow an iterative process which includes:

  • Collaboration with our clients and other subject matter experts to identify key messages and prioritize content.
  • Content drafting, user-centered design, and editing with the combined expertise of our staff.
  • Testing materials with patients/consumers.

Why choose UAMS CHL to create new health materials for me?
New materials we develop are reflective of our combined health literacy expertise in readability assessment and plain language editing, field testing, and research. Our work in consumer materials has been recognized by the National Center for Plain Language with awards including the ClearMark Award of Distinction and the Overall Spanish Category Grand Award.

Who do I call to discuss my project?

To discuss your project and get a custom quote, contact us by emailing or calling 501-686-2595.

Customer Testimonial
“The new materials created by the UAMS Center for Health Literacy are fantastic. We received high-quality and budget-friendly products. I know they will be well-received by community partners and program participants and am proud to share them around the state.”
ShaRhonda Love, MPH
Executive Director
Arkansas Minority Health Commission