Health Literacy Consulting

What kind of health literacy consulting is available?
We consult with organizations that communicate health information to assess needs and integrate health literacy solutions that impact organizational priorities. Focus areas include:

  • Organizational assessment of health literacy and health communications strategies
  • Strategic plans to integrate health literacy best practices into public and patient education efforts
  • Inclusion of health literacy in quality improvement efforts
  • Organizational health communications policy development
  • Health communication campaign design
  • Website navigation and organization with an emphasis on understanding and use by consumers

How can consulting services from the UAMS CHL help you?
We can leverage our health literacy expertise to support your priorities, such as:

  • Health disparities
  • Patient experience
  • Readmissions
  • Other quality indicators

Consultants include faculty and senior staff who help clients prioritize needs and explore options for advancing each client’s mission.

Why choose UAMS CHL consulting services?
Our team has experience supporting organizational health communication in clinical, research, education, and outreach settings. We can support organizations in formal assessment and intervention planning using practical tools and group facilitation.

Who do I call to discuss my project?
To discuss your organization’s needs and get a custom quote, email or call 501-686-2595.