February PHLA Meeting

The Partnership for Health Literacy Meeting will be Friday, February 20th. Eric Crumbaugh, Pharm.D., APA Director of Clinical Programs will be speaking on the simplifying of medicine instructions and medication adherence. Standardized instructions that improve patients’ understanding, and possibly reduce errors are now available from the AHRQ Pharmacy Health Literacy Center.

These tested instructions for pills follow the Universal Medication Schedule (UMS), which simplifies complex medicine regimens by using standard time periods for administration (morning, noon, evening, and bedtime). The instructions have also been translated into Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

To access the instructions in all six languages, go to: learn about other tools and resources available from the AHRQ’s Pharmacy Health Literacy Center, go to:

The March PHLA meeting will feature our very own Carla Sparks, MPH, who will be speaking about community engagement and health literacy. More details to follow.

The meeting will be at the Arkansas Department of Health Auditorium. Video teleconferencing will be available, email Meg Mirivel at if you need help with arrangements.