#PlainPledge 2017

Win a $25 Amazon gift card and promote the importance of health literacy with the UAMS Center for Health Literacy.

We are urging healthcare professionals and health professions students to join in the 4th Annual #PlainPledge Challenge. Take the pledge to stop using jargon that is hard to understand and instead use words that people know the first time they hear or read them. Follow the directions below:

  1. Choose a health-related word that you pledge to stop using or explain.
  2. Write the word in the word buster – nice and big.
  3. Take a selfie holding the word buster.
  4. Post the selfie on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
    a. Use hashtag #plainpledge
    b. Tag the UAMS Center for Health Literacy (Facebook: @uamscenterforhealthliteracy; Twitter and Instagram: @uams_chl)
    c. Challenge (tag) three friends to take the pledge
  5. Be entered to win prizes! You must complete all steps above to be entered. Prizes will be drawn two times per week.



#PlainPledge is a registered trademark of the UAMS Center for Health Literacy.